The sperm can be exchanged with the iPhone 6s

Some of the sperm bank in China offers money 6,000 yuan or the equivalent price ofiPhone 6s to be exchanged with the sperm healthy. In fact, there is also a direct sperm bank offers iPhone 6s as a reward for the person who donated the sperm.

The sperm can be exchanged with the iPhone 6s
The hospital in question is the Ruijin Hospital. The Hospital ever mentioned therequirement of decent men to donate sperm in Exchange for money worth iPhone 6s.Candidates must have high sperm giver of 165 cm, the last a minimum of educationscholars, have Chinese ID CARD, and does not have a history of genetic disease.

The prospective donor's sperm must pass through some of the full medical examination, including a chromosome test to find out the status of your spermfertility. If it passes the inspection, from a variety of potential donors of sperm spermremained at a price of 6,000 yuan or Rp 13.5 million per 5 ml. Sperm samples thatwere later kept in a State of frozen.

In China, lately, there are a number of adolescents who are willing to sell their kidneysto the black market for the sake of buying iPhone 6s. A sperm bank in Hubei offersany sperm to be exchanged with the iPhone 6s.

Doctor Zhu from the sperm bank Hubei says, it advertises the offer through social networking to attract donor sperm "underground" for if advertised openly, in China it includes acts that violate.