200 Skeletons of Army Napoleon Bonaparte Found

About 200 French soldiers from the time frame of the Emperor Napoleon Bonapartefound in a site building work in Frankfurt, Germany.

OLAF Cunitz, head of the city's Planning Board, said, it is the skeleton frame of theNapoleonic army that retreated from Russia in the war in 1813.

Added, they likely died of the wounds in the war or suffering from typhoid.

200 Skeletons of Army Napoleon Bonaparte Found
The skeleton was found in the area of Frankfurt West of the Roedelheim.

Meanwhile, Andrea Hampel, Frankfurt historic monument, officials said, apparently themass grave was dug in a hurry in a "State of emergency".

The victims were buried in a coffin with a position North-South, not East-Westdirection as is usually so it shows in a hurry.

More than 30 framework already dug and it takes approximately four to six weeks to unearth other skeletons.

As many as 600,000 soldiers of Napoleon occupying Russia in June 1812 and masterMoscow in September, but then they suffered a defeat and were forced to retreat.

Only about 90,000 troops managed to return to France.