Asus X205TA Notebook Berbaterai Thin, Durable

The existence of a smartphone is the shape of the face of the new technology, which is useful for propping up the lives of its users, no exception to prop up all the work.

However, the smartphone did not immediately replace the laptop's presence, becausesmartphone does not offer the same type of experience with a laptop, especially for work or task.

Not just mobile phones that develops, but also laptops join evolved. The laptop has now evolved to the smaller and lighter, making it suitable for a high mobility, such ashaving junalis and students.

ASUS EeeBook X250TA pulled out some time ago in Indonesia. The device dubbed the mini notebook is becoming one of the latest Asus products are Legal, so stop by the Okezone can peel more about that product.

Asus X205TA Notebook


Talk design, this notebook is indeed a suitable friend for workers who have highmobility. X205TA brings the design is thin and light weight, so it's not heavy whencarried everywhere. Products similar to the ultrabook it has a thickness of 1.75 cm and has a lighter weight 0.98 kg, less than 1 kg. Sure enough, the time taken to travel this laptop is light enough and no strained shoulders.

Seen from the front, this laptop uses a plastic material, and at the front of the glossyplastic material, using the middle there is the Asus logo. Although the glossy, whenthe front of the X205TA material is dirty, it's pretty easy to clean up. In addition,although the material used in plastic, not making the X205TA look frail.

Thin body in X205TA embedded in each side of the X205TA two port USB, DCIN, MicroSD, HDMI, and a headphone jack.


X205TA has the dimension of the screen that is not too big nor too small. ASUS m211.6-inch screen is pinned with bezel 1, 45 cm, which is quite thin. With the size of thescreen, offering a better typing experience.

Screen resolution embedded in the X205TA i.e. the 1366 x 768 pixels, as a result of those screens is pretty good and clear in showing the images.

Performance & Processor

ASUS X205TA is intended for light activities, such as writing, so no heavy specs in it, even in the high dalamanya of internal memory, but this laptop still have multi taskingability is good, thanks to the brains of quad-core Intel Z3735 in it.

In addition, the Asus X205TA is also equipped with a standard 2 GB of RAM, and Hard Drive 64 GB eMMC augmented, can use microSD, thus generating a 128 GB of flashstorage. In fact, Asus X205TA it was not given a big internal memory, but Asusprovides cloud of 500 GB, free for two years.

In addition, the laptop that was allocated in people who have high mobility alsoinclude various office therein, all packaged in Office 365. In addition, the X205TA itselfis already supported by Windows 8.1 can be updated to Windows 10. However, actualuse of Windows 8.1 also already quite reliable.

In addition, it is most prominent in the Asus X205TA is a durable battery. Provenbattery able to last a long time, though Legal had used X205TA in the time of roughlyhalf a day with the use of browsing and listening to music as well as placing basic tasks such as typing. It was thanks to Lithium-Polymer 38Whrs.


Although its use is only limited to the use of lightweight, but Asus enough speakerscapable of immersing. Evident when Okezone set music on note book this Asus, the sound of the resulting note book is pretty good, the produce stereo sound audioprocessing technology since it involves SonicMaster in X205TA.

In addition, X205TA are also supported with other interesting features like the AsusSmart Gesture. This feature allows to perform commands that involve the touchpad and the fingers. For example, if you want to raise the size of the screen, you just need to do the movements of zoom in and out on the touchpad. Other commands can also be done using three fingers to show your desktop just by downloading the swipedown to three fingers down.

Mere information, X205TA, thin notebook Asus is packaged with a price of roughlyRp4 millions. This laptop is available in several color options include Shadow Black, Elegant, White, Urban Red, Champagne and Gold.


-Thin and lightweight Design
-Long-life battery
-Stereo Speakers

A shortage of

-Small internal memory