Photo Of Hands-on BlackBerry Serverach Circulating

BlackBerry have announced the device dubbed Serverach. Smartphone screen 5.4 inches that comes with the Android operating system.

Reported by Slashgear, Monday (12/10/2015), the photo device of hands-onServerach circulating on websites. The photo shows the details of each side on Priv,lies the port micro USB port, audio jack, as well as parts of the camera back.

Photo Of Hands-on BlackBerry Serverach Circulating

Design on the BlackBerry smartphone is different Serverach from currently circulating in the market. On the edge of the screen, there is a curved design and remind users with Smartphones Galaxy S6 Edge.

On the left side of the handset, it seems the volume button to increase the sound and power button. While at the rear of the camera, there is the outer ring inscribed with ' 18 ' MP that circle the glass lens.

Near the back of the camera lens, there are two LED lights that let smartphone objects are clicked the lighter than any smartphone with single LED flash. BlackBerry also embed features optical image stabilizer (OIS) that helps generates a clear picture of the camera, without the need to worry when the handset user shaken when photographing.