Phone bill of Rp 324,5 Billion Made the couple Panicked

No one was happy to get the Bills, especially if the Bill that reached the amount of Rp324,5 billion. One spouse in the State of Oregon, AS a sudden shock after receiving acell phone bill of about $ 2.2 million to the cost of the service for one month.

"It at least made us feel very depressed. The number of errors and problems that occur (because it is) makes me feel dumbfounded, "said Ken Slusher told television station Fox 12.

Issues facing couples Slusher occurs when both subscribe to a phone with Verizonoperators. They simultaneously buy two mobile phones and subscription packagefrom Verizon in November last year.

Phone bill of Rp 324,5 Billion Made the couple Panicked
At first they think phone bill just around US $ 120 and if added to US $ 698 where thebalance having previously been in the figure of US $ 451. They had filed an objectionand ultimately the Bill from Verizon only an amount of US $ 9.

Because it's too big Bill feel abandoned phone subscription package in December and return both phones in last January to Verizon outlets.

But as a consumer service parties say the Bills it is an error, the Verizon call spouseSlusher bills totaling about US $ 2.2 million.

It causes the bank refused mortgages already desirable Slusher. The Bank considers the debt Bill Slusher too big-that actually occurs because system errors on Verizon.

Verizon's own party stating that the mistake in the programming of the automaticresponse system that led to the error.

"We have apologized to a customer in Oregon because of an error in the automaticresponse system program through sound that made him receive the error message that he owed US $ 2 million in the Bill. We've been fixing these errors and has resolved that for the sake of customer satisfaction, "said Verizon through theaffidavits, on Wednesday (23/9).

Slusher itself yet to comment on the statement from Verizon. Is not yet knownwhether the couple Slusher will file charges against system errors from Verizon.