Nicki Minaj Taunted a woman in a wheelchair

Nicki Minaj just got a blasphemy from the fans. He was judged to have occurredbecause of the cruel upload videos containing insults against the woman who sat on the wheelchair. Dailymail, was quoted as saying this weekend, Nicki dress up like asexy fairy for Halloween events at 1 Oak, Las Vegas, Nevada.

nicki minaj
Nicki Minaj (
He then upload a video to Instagram while pointing at a woman confined to a wheelchair. chanter ' Anaconda ' laugh at the woman and told her to run.

Some fans are reminded if the vagaries of Nicki is not correct. However women 32years that swerve that it was not a real disability. "He's (a woman in a wheelchair) that is not a defect. She was my friend in a wheelchair scooters, "he writes.

But despite self-defence, Nicki apparently does not want to cause a lot of conflict. Call for apologies also asked fans, for that lover of Meek Mill is deleting the video.

Nicki that evening dress so sexy, she wore a skirt tutu with decals to the chest so low.Ya can imagine yourself how Nicki's chest puffed out. Plus more parts of her chestdecorated with accessories similar to beads spiked.