Madonna Said : Gays and African Americans square measure girls, Too

There's a seat reserved for Madonna next to Patricia Arquette.

Madge could also be the high priest of pop Associate in Nursingd an arbiter of popular culture, however the songster tested no professional in intersectional feminism in Associate in Nursing interview with Out Magazine regarding her new album, Rebel Heart.

In the story printed on Tues, Madge opined on the state of women's rights and different social movements. "Gay rights square measure far more advanced than women's rights. folks square measure plenty additional broad-minded to the gay community than they're to girls, period," she told Saint Christopher Glazek. "It's moved  on for the gay community, for the African-American community, however girls square measure still simply commercialism on their ass. To me, the last nice frontier is girls," she another.

The last nice frontier might be girls -- our rights over our bodies, safety and financial gain square measure beneath assault round the world and across the u.  s.. Except that LGBTQ folks, folks of color and ladies are not 3 disparate teams.

Madonna's comments square measure much lock-step with Arquette's backstage Oscars call-to-action, wherever she asked "gay folks, and every one the folks of color that we've all fought for to fight for U.S. currently." Arquette's speech was a paradigm of the failings of thought feminism cooked down into one sentence: White feminist takes credit for entire movement, erases different identities and entitles herself to the support of the LGBTQ community and other people of color.

So, here's a fast lesson for Madonna, Patricia et al. troubled to grasp however these identities move with every other:
  • Gay folks square measure girls, too. we frequently decision ourselves "lesbians" or "bisexuals" or simply "LGBTQ."
  • Girls are folks of color. typically stated as WOC for brief. 
  • Now, let Maine very blow your mind: There square measure LGBTQ WOC.

Madonna has long been a frenzied supporter of the queer community, at times, a cultural acquirer. Her work has created sex-positivity and feminism accessible to a thought audience. She could be a trailblazer. But, within the wake of events in Ferguson and Staten Island that have brought national attention to the systematic policing and government sanctioned violence against folks of color, bills in state legislatures that square measure seeking to legitimatise LGBTQ discrimination on the premise of non secular beliefs and therefore the ascent variety of dead transgender girls in 2015, scrutiny however things have "moved along" for one identity over another is wilfully ignorant. For those people United Nations agency count membership to multiple teams, these challenges to our freedom and equality square measure amplified and sophisticated by our intersectional identities.