Police Found 21 Sex women in Refrigerators

South Africa Police found what was believed to be from sexes 21 women in a refrigerator of a man they caught Denmark.

Police Found 21 Sex women in Refrigerators
Peter Fredekrisen, owner of two stores weapons in Bloemfontein, South Africa (South Africa), shot a variety of supposition, among other things, threats, sexual assault anddomestic violence.

Man of 58 years was allegedly anesthetized victims first before they operate on.

Hangwani Mulaudzi, Brigadier of the South Africa police investigation unit, told the BBC that the suspect will remain in detention, but had the opportunity to ask forparole Monday next week.

Police believe the victims were women from neighboring countries, Lesotho.

Are neatly wrapped

According to the BBC correspondent in Johannesburg, police raided and captured theFredekrisen based on the information they receive.

The parts that are believed to be genitalia was found in a closet pendinginnya. Allneatly wrapped in a plastic bag labeled with the date and the name of the woman andits origin.

Various drugs and anesthesia equipment doctors to surgically is also found in the House. So the police said.

Brigadier Mulaudzi said, the police called for the victims to come help the investigation into it.

According to police, Fredekrisen is also a fugitive from the police in the case of Denmark trade firearms.