President Obama Greet Pope Francis in Washington DC

United States President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle welcomes direct arrivalof Pope Air Base on arrival at Francis Andrews, Washington DC, Tuesday (22/9/2015)afternoon local time.

This is the first visit of a Supreme Leader of the world's Catholics to America after the visit of Pope John Paul II about 36 years ago. However, this is not the first meetingbetween President Obama and the Pope Francis because they've never met at the Vatican in March 2014.

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, as well as some bishops and Catholic school students also welcome the character aged 78 years.

Members of the National Security Council, Charles Kupchan, say, some White Houseofficials have flown to the Vatican last June to establish the plan the advent of Pope to America.

"From the beginning, President Obama has asked us to ensure that the visit of the Pope is worth enduring and be very meaningful," said Kupchan. "Associated with it,we strive to realize the goals and aspirations of the Obama administration and theVatican," he said.

President Obama will make a formal ceremony the Pope Francis South Wing at the White House Wednesday morning. It is estimated, more than 15,000 people will attend the ceremony.

President Obama Greet Pope Francis in Washington DC
After delivering a brief opening remarks, the two leaders will have a meeting of foureyes, which according to some government officials will focus on how to embody the values that belong to the two leaders, and it is not a question of a political agenda.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest, Tuesday afternoon, told reporters that both figures would seem to be a lot of talk about the ways they are devoted to improvingthe associated values of social justice, giving priority to those less fortunate, and how to realize it with conviction.

Related efforts addressing economic and social inequality, White House officials referto other things which are expected to be a topic of discussion, namely the question ofclimate change, especially ahead of the UN Conference on climate in Paris in December.

Pope Francis is also known for often speaking articulately against massacre of minority religious groups, particularly in the Middle East. Militant groups targetingChristians and ISIS Yazidi. Commitment to freedom of religion and the rights of minority religious groups estimated will also be talks. Similarly, the issue ofimmigration, Iran, nuclear Treaty and the normalization of relations of America andCuba.

Pope Francis Wednesday is scheduled to be followed a parade along the main street of national monuments and lead mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Thursday tomorrow, the Pope will deliver a speech at the Congress and visit several locations prior to New York and led a mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Thursday night.

Pope Francis will speak before the UN General Assembly session Friday morning and do worship together several different religious leaders at the Museum of the World Trade Center as well as the mass at Madison Square Garden. Furthermore, the PopeFrancis will be left for the Philadelphia and create some events until later thisweekend.