A drunk man Killed After Teraspal alive in the streets of India

A man in India was killed after being buried alive by paving the road workers are notaware of any victim unconscious in a hollow way.

Officials at Katni City Center, State of Madhya Pradesh, to investigate the incident andpromised to provide compensation to the victim's wife.

Known victims named Latori Barman (45). According to India media, victims of that moment was about to return home from an exhibition, then knocked down a huge hole in a street.

"At that time, dark days already and there are no warning signs. He (the victim) running in conditions of drunk and fell into the hole in the road between kampungUdlana and Hata. The victim unconscious. Workers who do not know anyone thatbuild-up then hole with asphalt, "said officials of the investigator to the Times of India.

The media added, after stockpiling with asphalt, leveling the hole workers withmachines. The incident that forever will not be known if a citizen does not see a handsticking out into the road surface.

The event was later reported to the police. Next, Police detain some of the workers are paving the way.

Deaths from the incident on pit road is not the first in India. Earlier, a woman aged 20annual died after a motorcycle jumping game hole in the road.

About 15,000 people were killed in India each year, with hundreds of thousands ofpeople were injured. Most of the residents died of drive are haphazard, according togovernment statistics in India.